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About the Owner Michael Collings

Michael Collings was born 1967 in St. Joseph, Mo. and raised in Princeton, Mo. of Mercer County. Jessica "Hammond" Collings is also from Princeton. The Collings family has long lineage of farmers and carpenters in Mercer County dating back as far as the 1850’s. Michael received the Eagle Scout award 1983 and upon graduation from Princeton High School in 1985 joined the United States Marine Corps. Michael is a Veteran of Foreign Wars (Gulf War 1991).

Michael has always dedicated himself to a higher standard of achievement. He consistently performs above expectations, by providing dedication, professionalism, team work and the ability to adapt to any situation. Michael began working as a carpenter/contractor upon completing his commitment of service in the United States Marine Corps, except for a brief period during the recession. 


Having obtained the rank of Sergeant, Michael was released from service after the Gulf War 1991 and received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps on September 1992. His excellent Military Record includes a Meritorious Promotion, three Meritorious Mast and two Letters of Appreciation. He has experience in overseas deployment (Japan, Korea, Philippines, Honduras, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia).